Discover The Unbelievable: Almost Impossible at Edinburgh Fringe

Almost Impossible: Martin Brock

JUL 31, AUG 1-18, Aug 20-25

Interactive Audience Participation

Become part of the magic as audience members are invited on stage to experience mind-blowing illusions firsthand.

Enchanting Close-Up Illusions

Immerse yourself in the mystery as mind-bending illusions unfold right before your eyes, making the impossible seem real in an intimate, unforgettable encounter.

Emotionally Engaging Storytelling

Feel the magic on a deeper level with stories that touch the heart and captivate the imagination, making the experience truly unforgettable.

Almost Impossible - Martin Brock

Fresh from the USA/Australia tour, ‘Almost Impossible’ promises an immersive experience for all ages. ‘Prepare to be spellbound’ (stagewhispers.com.au) and enjoy visually stunning original stage magic and world-class sleight of hand, woven together with integrated video production and witty comedy. 

Experience 7 Years of Magic Mastery:

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All magic in the show is crafted from scratch, with the finale alone being 7 years in the making. ‘His original stuff is wonderful and brilliantly magical’ (glamadelaide.com).

This Unforgettable Fringe Premiere is guaranteed to be the magic you’ll be talking about. ‘One of the best Fringe shows I have seen. Go see it!’ (fringeworld.com.au) – Get Your Tickets Now!

Mind-Bending Original Magic:

Witness never-before-seen illusions crafted over seven years, promising a spectacle that transcends reality.

Hilarious and Witty Comedy:

Enjoy a perfect blend of humor and magic, making every moment unforgettable and filled with laughter.

Seamless Multimedia Integration:

Marvel at a show where cutting-edge video production and world-class sleight of hand merge into a visually stunning masterpiece.

Ideal For The Whole Family

Bring the whole family to experience the joy and wonder of 'Almost Impossible'! Perfect for all ages, this show captivates with mesmerizing illusions, enchanting stories, and hilarious comedy.

Watch your children's eyes light up with amazement and enjoy an evening filled with laughter and magical memories.

Join us for a delightful adventure that everyone will be talking about long after the final curtain call!

Customer Stories

Greatest Of All Time

Benjamin B.

Outstanding. Very professional. Very entertaining. A great show to take children to as well as teens. The way he made items magically appear was something and we were in the front row. A must see at the Fringe.

Beautiful Fringe Show

Kier S.

That was the coolest, funniest, most magical magic show I've ever seen! Oh and Martin's pretty easy on eyes too. Beautiful and funny story telling, weaved in with great audience work and magic. It's a show and a world class magician you don't want to miss!

Would See Again

Tahlia M.

Fantastically entertaining magic show - Martin is funny, charming and charismatic and the tricks are VERY cool. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and would absolutely recommend. Hope to see you back here in 2025 :-)

A Magic Show To Redefine Your Reality!

Prepare to have your perception of the impossible shattered. After witnessing 'Almost Impossible', your understanding of what magic can be will be forever transformed.

This is not just a show; it's an experience that will leave you questioning the limits of reality and marveling at the wonders of the human mind. 

Tickets are vanishing fast—secure yours now and be a part of the magic that everyone will be talking about!

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